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Accuracy and Precision For Long Range Shooting is a practical guide to successful long range shooting.

Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting takes existing information on correcting for trajectories for drop, wind deflection etc for long range shooting a step further and discusses how various uncertainties affect your hit percentage. 

Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ) analysis is a method for showing how effective a weapon system is throughout its range of employment in terms of hit percentage. WEZ analysis is explained, and applied throughout the book to show how effectiveness can be improved thru various means.

Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting is written in the same easy to understand language that made Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting such an enjoyable, and sought after book.

Long range shooting can be very technical. However, author Bryan Litz, communicates the complex ideas in layman terms, so most average shooters can master the subject with little difficulty. 

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