Arma Grout Ivory Kit 600gr

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Arma-Grout Ivory Rifle Bedding Kit

Armagrout Ivory is a two part epoxy and when they are mixed they make a smooth extrudable paste, suitable for bedding rifles and associated gun supports. Arma Grout comes as a set in 3 tins. Part A and Part B and Release Wax C this kit is a large professional bedding kit that can bed up to Several rifles or more. When a shot is fired, the elastic properties of the barreled action let it flex in all directions from the energy transmitted to it beginning when the firing pin starts forward and ending when the bullet and gas leave the barrel.

These flexing motions move the muzzle at right angles to the bore's axis. If the muzzle isn't in the same place for each shot relative to where it's aimed, each bullet will go to a different place. That's what causes some rifles to put all bullets into a half-inch or smaller hole at 100 yards and others cover an area about the size of the palm of your hand.